Tablet Games for Toddlers, pt 2!

Since my last post on tablet games for toddlers, I have found a few more that I think I definitely worth a mention.  Most are free, or partially free, and others you have to pay for (but I got it free when it was an Amazon Free App of the Day). They are all available at the Google Play Store (Android), but if I know it’s available at the App Store, I will also mention it.  Without further ado, let’s get to the games!

Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO – My son LOVES this one so much that my husband and I decided to buy it.  It is a tap-drag-drop puzzle game with lots of themes interesting to any toddler and child!

The free version comes with two play areas with several puzzles to play with.  After completing a puzzle, you get to play a mini-game.  While puzzling, the game will tell you the name of the puzzle pieces.  For example, if the puzzle piece is a chair, it will said, “Chair!” with enthusiasm.  I do find this rather funny sometimes because the range of words go from simple (elephant, space, etc.) to moderate (gingko tree, a little monkey, etc.) to advance (fusilage, generator, etc.).  I am waiting for my son to say “fusilage!” one day.

PUZZINGO is really engaging, interactive, and fun.  The free version has a lot already; my son played on the free version for about a month before we decided to buy it.  The game costs €11.49, which is pretty expensive compared to other toddler apps, but you also have the option to buy packs if you don’t want everything.  However, if you pay the full price, any updates and new puzzles added will be free for you.

This app is also available in the AppStore.

Beck and Bo

Beck and Bo by Avokiddo – My son’s second favourite app.  This app is much like other puzzle games, but there are no silhouettes.  Instead, the pieces can be placed and moved around a scene to make it  very interactive.  Each time a piece is touched, a voice says what it is.  Within each scene, you can also tap a small polaroid-notebook icon to see a sort of flashcard for the pieces with text and sound.

This app is one of the more difficult ones for a young toddler to learn since there are no silhouettes and they have to figure out that the sun and clouds go in the sky and so on.  It was difficult for my son to play this app when he was 18 months, but by the time he was about 20 months, he could play it. You can also set the language to Swedish, great for Swedish expats or expats in Sweden.

Beck and Bo is a really well-made quality app and costs €2.99.  I was lucky enough to grab it when it was free for one day at the Amazon Appstore.  Unfortunately there is no free version of this app.

Toddler Counting 123

Toddler Counting 123 Kids Free – This app teaches your child to count with colourful pictures of items. I love how although it’s free, it’s very customizable. There are 15 languages to choose from (a variety of Asian and European languages) which not only changes what’s written but also the voice! You can also set to show certain categories, letter case, counting mode (in order, random, etc.), and min/max numbers of items to display. This last option I find very valuable because you do not want to overwhelm the toddler with numbers up to 20 right from the beginning. I recommend starting it slow with 3 or 5, then slowly increase it to 6, then 10 and so on as they get older.

I also like how I can choose the language since I am raising a bilingual child and there are very few quality apps for toddlers that has English and Dutch available. I highly recommend this for any other parents that are raising their child bi-, tri-, or poly-ligual!

The creators of this app, GiggleUp, also has other great apps that are just as customizable and for toddlers as well as pre-schoolers, and older.  They have memory, telling time, mazes, toddler phone, jigsaw puzzles, math games, and more.  I have tried the memory, toddler phone, and toddler sound and I like them all.  You can find a list of their apps here: GiggleUp Kids Apps And Educational Games

The biggest complaint I see about this app and other apps from GiggleUp is that the ads are too big and blocks the screen. I have never experienced any problems with the ads.  I think other parents having problems with the app is because it is being used on a small screen (perhaps a smartphone).  My son plays on a 10.1in tablet so the ads have never been a problem.

Animated Puzzle

Toddler & Baby Animated Puzzle – For a while, my son was really into this app. He does not play it as much now since he’s a bit older now (2 years and one month), thus this app is more for younger toddlers.

Animated Puzzle is more fun (game) than educational since the app does not tell the names of things as the child puzzles around. It is nicely animated and fun with soft magical music.  In a way, it is similar to PUZZINGO, just less circus-y, more magical, and has no voice telling you what something is.

The creators of this app, CFC s.r.o., also have other apps that are generally for older children (pre-schoolers and young school-aged children), however I have not tried their other apps since they are generally for an older age. You can find a list of their apps here: CFC s.r.o.

The free version of this app only has a few puzzles you can access.  I was lucky enough to get the full version for free from the Amazon Appstore’s Free App of the Day.  (Funnily enough, the full version was offered for free the day after I got the free version!)  If you want the full version, you’ll need to pay €1.99.

I hope you find my recommendations and review of these apps helpful in deciding what to get. I was not enodorsed or sponsered to write this. I want to make child rearing just a little easier for parents. I know raising a child is not cheap or easy and we definitely cannot do it alone. Thanks for trying your best for your little one and Be Happy!



Tablet Games for Toddlers

Children really enjoy games.  I grew up learning that games are bad and a waste of time.  However, being a mother myself now, I find that games can be really educational in so many aspects.  Now in this modern day and age, learning and gaming has come closer together and learning is easier to achieve via games on a touchscreen tablet or phone.  In this post, I talk about some games that my 19 month old son has played, why they are good or not, and how to use it to its full potential.  It’s really important you dont just hand a phone or tablet to a toddler, forget about them, and expect them to just play a game and “learn” like that.

Before I show some games, I never like anything with a lot of flashing and quick images.  Although a young child’s attention span is short, this does not mean we cater to that with lots of flashing or quick images, thus further strengthening a short attention span.  The real world is “slow” and nothing is as instant as we want it to be.  Young children especially need to learn patience because with patience, you’re able to learn difficult and challenging things because the child will not get frustrated very quickly.  If you’d like to know more about this, you can watch this nice video: TEDxRainier – Dimitri Christakis – Media and Children.

Vehicles Puzzles for Toddlers!

Vehicles Puzzles for Toddlers! – My son´s current favourite game.  When I first got this game, he had a hard time tapping the cars because he would either touch above the car, another part of his hand or his other hand would also touch the screen (the game does not take well to multi-touch), or he just has sweaty hands.  But after much trial and error, he’s gotten really good at this game.  The company, romeLab, also has this same game with other pictures: fish, mermaids, alphabets, animals, etc.

There are many other games like this, but I choose this one because it is simple, and gave simple encouragement with each correct inserted shape and a final applaus after the entire puzzle is complete.

The game uses fine motor skills and shape recognition.  You can also teach your child the name of each type of vehicle (or whatever if you get a different version).  When your child taps a picture and begins to drag it to the wrong spot, just simply ask, “Are you sure?”

Edit: I recently tried out the alphabet (and numbers) puzzle and it’s really good!  It says the letter or number when it is tapped on. 🙂  I highly recommend it.

Toddler Cars

Toddler Cars – Another of my son’s favourite. Again, I like this because of how simple it is.  There is a similar game like this, but I liked this one better because it told you the name of the vehicle with a catchy tune in the background.  The names are in (American) English.  The game maker, Russpuppy, also has other games similar to this, but with colours, alphabets, food, etc.

This game can easily be used to teach the names of different ehhicles, but is a great conversation tool too.  For example, I wonce told my son that grandpa ride the motorcycle and now everytime my son taps the motorcycle, he will immediately mention his grandpa because grandpa rides a motorcycle.  This reinforces long-term memory and conversational language.

Car Scratch Game for Kids Free

Car Scratch Game for Kids Free – Yet another game with cars?? Well, what do you expect from a little 19 month old boy? Haha! Anyway, just like the other two, if your child do not care for cars, Fusionlogic (the game maker) has other pictures, like pets, princesses, dinosaurs, trains, etc.

My son actually does not care for this because it’s not intuitive enough.  There are three  versions in this game.  In all versions, the scratching “circle” that your finger touches the screen is too small.  In one version, you scratch away to reveal a car, but because the scratch area is so small, it takes forever to see the picture.  For my son, he did not bother scratching and went straight for the buttons above.  There, he found the other version where he immediately got to see a picture of (a) car(s).  What the child was supposed to do was “scratch” to show the colour.  In some pictures, this did not work well.  Finally in the third version, every touch you made to the picture, you paint over it with a differnt colour like a finger paintbush.

I am willing to give this game another try because I believe it will help with strengthening a longer attention span and patience. I think this game would work best for a 2 year old.

Toddler Tap-A-Mole

Toddler Tap-A-Mole – This is a really simple game that helps with fine motor skills. As much as I like simplicity, it is a bit TOO simple. I got this game because I liked how it was not “competitive” and not focused on speed, thus it’s really great for the 12-18 months that’s just learning to use a tablet.  However, this game could do with an added few options:

  1. Option to set a timer on how long each mole pops up before it  disappears.
  2. A counter to count how many moles tapped, or a countdown  goal to tap a certain amount of mole.  This is great in teaching numbers and counting.
  3. Another optional timer to set how long you have to tap 50 moles with the countdown goal, or how many moles can your child tap within, for example, 3 minutes.  (This is also great in limiting amount of play!)

But even without those options, you can still do #2 orally by counting with your child.

I hope you and your toddler enjoy these few tablet (and smartphone) games.  I would LOVE if you share in the comments some android games your toddler likes, or perhaps a game I should try out with my son.  Thanks for reading and as always, Be Happy!